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Michael Schillo
Multiagent Systems Group
DFKI, Geb. 43.8
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
66123 Saarbrücken

Office: R. +1.17 in Building 43.8
Fon: 0681 3024578
Fax: 07211513 80607

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Research Interests

  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence, esp. knowledge transfer from sociology to DAI, including social simulation, game theory and social dilemma research
  • Application of concepts of organization and self-organization to (holonic) multiagent systems
  • Robustness, fault-tolerance, failure recovery and autonomic computing.
  • Peer-to-Peer systems and ad hoc networks
  • Empirical methods for AI research

Academic Experience


  • I currently hold a position at the socionics project at DFKI. This project (as all projects of the DFG's focus programme socionics) is concerned with transferring knowledge, theories and methods from DAI research to sociology and vice versa. The project I am involved in links multiagent systems work from Saarland University/DFKI with work from Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg. Our project deals with the application of Pierre Bourdieu's Habitus-Field Theory (see Hyper Bourdieu for research on the massive bibliography of Pierre Bourdieu: ca. 1400 titles!). We intend to use this theory for improving current DAI agent architectures. The project started in November 1999.

  • In 1999 I finished my Diplomarbeit, the german equivalent of a Master thesis. In this thesis I describe a mechanism for agents to evaluate trust in interaction partners and trust in communication partners. The work concludes with an evaluation of the mechanism in several settings, differentiated by the variables size of community, number of communication actions allowed and heterogeneity of the community. During this time, I worked as a student assistant for DFKI Saarbrücken. My task was to program a development kit for multiagent systems in Java (SIF).

  • During my time at CCalas of the School of Computer Studies in Leeds, UK, my research focus was on the development of an in-car Intelligent Personal Assistant system and its natural language interface. I researched the design of a Voice-User Interface sublanguage, a subset of English which will allow users of a speech interface to issue commands in a reasonably 'natural' way while achieving acceptable speech recognition accuracy.





The following theses have been completed under my supervision: I am also maintaining the How to conduct a computer science research project page, which is provided for students in the field of AI working on their Diploma theses.

Diplomarbeiten und Fortgeschrittenenpraktika (deutsch)

Ich biete im kommenden Semester ein Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum Load balancing fuer Multiagentensysteme an. An Diplomarbeiten biete ich im Moment an: Interessierte koennen sich bei mir melden. Ausserdem erweitere ich fortlaufend den Abschnitt Tips fuer Studierende, der Anleitung zum Verfassen der Diplomarbeit gibt und habe im Sommersemester 2000 in der Vorlesung "Einführung in die Methoden der KI" die Sektion über Kommunikation und Koordination in Multiagentensystemen gehalten.